Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today is day 1 of 109.. I am training for a run/obstacle course called Warrior Dash at the end of April and I thought I would document the entire process. So here's to day one!

Since I haven't been very active for like the past month I wanted to take things really slow. It's been perfect weather out here so I decided to run outside. I walk/ran for about 30 minutes around my local park and than I did some simple 'boot camp' style drills like brupees, suicides, push ups, and sit-ups to finish things up.

As far as my diet today, I started off eating clean, but than I was rushed and not on top of things so I ate a few bad meals too. Haha..

Breakfast: egg whites and oatmeal

Snack: apple

Lunch: sonic.. enough said haha.

Dinner: chicken noodle soup

Ehh, so it wasn't the worst day, but it wasn't the greatest either haha. I just had to get through day one!

I hope everyone had an amazing new year!

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