Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Perfect Imperfections Tag

I've seen two YouTube beauty gurus, QueenBeeuty and Andrea's Choice do this tag and I thought this was such a good idea. No one's perfect and I know everyone has those crazy flaws about themselves that no one else seems to see. I know I do. In this tag I am going to tell you three flaws that I hate and than follow up with three things I really like about myself. I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about this tag, focusing on the physical flaws I see or the personality flaws. While I have physical insecurities I know that looks isn't always what it's about. So I thought I would break it into two sections, one physical and one personality. 


1. My Man Hands! Go ahead and laugh but my hands are not girly at all. My fingers are short, my nail beds are short and wide, my knuckles are very wrinkly. I just totally dislike my hands so much!

2. Sicilian Hair! I have very dark, coarse hair on my arms and legs. If I don't wax or shave regularly than I would look like a gorilla, haha.

3. Right Eye! My right is more droopy, and a borderline lazy eye. Everything about my right is off. My eyebrow arch isn't as high as my left, my eyelid sags a little more, etc.


1. Dark Olive Skin Tone! Yay for always having a perfect tan!

2. Great Assets! I am very pleased with my chest and booty size.

3. Muscle Tone! I love how I have a athletic body type without being too muscle-ee.


1. Jealousy Issues. I do not like how jealous I can get, it doesn't even have to be over a relationship.

2. Insecure. I am uber insecure. I wish I were more independent, brave, etc.

3. Needy. I am a very needy person. I have not excepted that it is okay to be alone.


1. Girl Meets Boy. I love that I can be relaxed and hang with the boys, not afriad to get dirty, but that I also like getting dressed up, wearing cute clothes. I like to say that I'm the first to get into the mud pen but I'll be wearing my heels!

2. Caring. I think I am a really caring person. I will always put others before my self because making someone else happy makes me happy.

3. Organized Freak. I love that I am very organized!

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