Monday, November 8, 2010

My Workout Routine

Current Workout Routine:
Since I took off a couple months of working out to get back into a routine and build my strength up again, I am going to start off with full body workouts three days a week, alternating days. On the in between days I will be doing cardio and a light activity. The other two days that are left are off days or optional cardio days. Here's how I break down my workout routine:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Workout Day
Tuesday, Thursday: Cardio Day, Light Activity
Saturday, Sunday: Optional Cardio Day, Off Day

Fitness Sources:
Before I do a day-by-day breakdown of my workout routine, I wanted to give you guys some sources that will help you get started. I use these these sources as well as my personal knowledge of fitness to put together my fitness routines.

BodyRock TV has great at home workouts that use mainly body weight. This site also offers diet tips and fitness advice.

Bodybuilding.Com offers a plethora of different workout routines, fitness and diet advice, and many great articles that are related to fitness.

Oxygen Magazine is a fun way to learn about different fitness routines, and other women in the fitness world.

Muscle & Fitness Hers is probably my favorite fitness magazine. It also gives you information regarding everything fitness.

Workout Routine:
*If you don't know what these exercises are you can look them up on Bodybuilding.Com

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
7AM -  Full Body Workouts that consist of 12-15 reps for 5 sets of the following exercises; side shoulder raises, bent-over back raises, skull-crushers, flat bench chest press, and hammer curls. I pick one weight that I can perform all these exercises with and I do each exercise back to back with lunges in between each one than I rest. Than repeat for five more sets. This workout lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

8AM - Morning Cardio: I follow my morning workout with an hour of cardio. I usually do a combination of running at 5.5 mph and walking at 4.0 mph.

6PM - Evening Cardio: For my evening cardio I walk for 45 minutes.

Tuesday, Thursday
7AM - For my workout I want to give my body time to recover from the previous day so I usually do some kind of a light activity, whether it be yoga, pilates, or heavy stretching. If I do yoga or pilates it will last about 30 minutes. If I decide to stretch, it will last about 15 minutes.

7:30AM - Morning Cardio: I do a combination of running at 5.5 mph and walking at 4.0 mph.

6PM - Evening Cardio: For my evening cardio I walk for 45 minutes.

Saturday, Sunday
I don't have any set time that I workout or do cardio. I usually leave these days for relaxing and if I feel like going to the gym than I'll just do cardio, similar to my evening cardio. I'll also skip out on cardio these days if I am doing something outdoorsy like hiking, snowboarding, festivals, etc.

What do you do for your fitness routine?


  1. Wow that's a pretty intense schedule! I've been working out quite a bit the past 3 weeks after taking er.... years off? I used to be a hardcore tennis player + worked out with a personal trainer at the same time, so I know the strength training exercises you're talking about. Do you keep to this schedule? If so that's impressive... nowadays I seem to come up with lots of good excuses NOT to go to the gym..

    Also, how much weight do you use for most of the mentioned exercises? Like how much do you use for curls for example? I dk if I should be using more or less than i am to get lean muscle... i don't wanna get man arms!

  2. Thanks. Tennis playing is a really intense activity I totally give you credit, because I could never play it. I really do try to keep to this schedule, there are days when life happens or the boyfriend and I just want to be lazy that day, but right now I'm doing the domestic thing so my days are pretty clear so there's no excuse for me not to go to the gym. Like I said though, I took off a couple months, 8 months to be exact.

    When I am doing full body exercises like this back to back, I like to pick one weight so I can just move right into each exercise without breaking a rhythm. I'm starting with 15 pound dumbbells right now.

    If your just starting out I would start with 5 or 10 pound dumbbells. Hope this helps!