Monday, October 18, 2010

Now You Know Me...

I have a busy week ahead of me so I thought I would knock out this weeks 'Now You Know Me' right on the dot.

Thong Or Granny Panties?
Thongs over granny panties, but I prefer booty shorts/hot shorts.

If You See A Guy With His Fly Down, Do You Tell Him?
Depends... If I know him or he's an acquaintance than yes. If he's a stranger, no I wouldn't.

Spanx Or No Spanx?
For me at this moment in my life, no, don't need them. However, if I need them later on, than yes.

Do You Sleep In Under Or Over Your Sheets?
I don't have sheets on my bed as the moment, but ironically, my boyfriend and I were just talking about getting a new bed set. So when we do, I'll be sleeping under my sheets.

What/Who Is Your Favorite Disney Character?
Hands down, Bella from Beauty And The Beast.

Dream Vacation Spot?
St. Tropez! It's a beautiful place!

What Is Your Dream Job?
Hmm, either being an english professor at a community college or a buyer for a major store.

Who Is Your Hero And Why?
I don't have anyone in particular because I learn and take inspiration from a lot of different people in my life. My father, mother, brothers, and boyfriend have all made me a better person!


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