Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Than Beauty.

I was watching CosmeticsCharlotte72 on YouTube and she did a 'More Than Beauty' Tag. It was a nice refresher from all the beauty related tags going around. *Also, CosmeticsCharlotte72 has some great videos, go check her out by clicking, HERE. 
Let's get started on this tag. By the way, I tag everyone! I would love to see your answers so leave them in the comments or post a link in the comments to your blog.

More Than Beauty
Fondest Childhood Memory: I have so many amazing memories from my childhood, but I do have a slight memory of when I was three. My family and I took a vacation to San Diego, CA and we were having a little fire pit on the beach and I just remember not having a care in the world, running wild, and just living in the moment. It was great.

Quirky Habit: Call this OCD instead of a 'quirky habit' but I always have to throw my shirt across the room if I accidentally put it on backwards.

Play Sports: Yes, I played softball, soccer, flag football, basketball, track & field, and competitive dance.

Favorite Book: Ooh, I have so many favorite books, but I really enjoyed reading all of Tori Spelling's books.

If You Could Invent Something, What Would It Be: If I could invent something I would invent it. I don't have any ideas.

If You Could Own Your Own Business, What Would You Own: A fashion boutique.

Someone You Admire That Doesn't Know Who You Are: I really admire Taylor Swift for following her dream and being so humble.

A Talent You Wish You Had: I wish I could sing or have the talent to speak many different languages.

Something You'd Wish You'd Known Two Years Ago: I wish I had know that its okay to be single and independent.

What You Do To Feel Centered/Relaxed: I sleep.

Who Is Someone In Your Life That Makes You Feel Loved: My mother and father.

The Most Interesting Place You've Been: Uhh, Catalina Island.

Three Books You Can't Wait To Read: Pretty Little Liars book series.

A Cherished Keepsake You'll Keep Forever: Ring from my current boyfriend, grandmother's jewelry.

Something You Really Want To Do Or See Before You Die: Umm, I'd love to just spend a day with everyone I love on the beach, relaxing.

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