Friday, October 29, 2010

Make It Work.

*Warning: Random Blog Post.. Has Really No Point Or Specific Message*

- I'm writing this blog as I'm watching the Project Runway Season 8 Finale on my TiVo. I've been pretty addicted to this show. If your also a fan you'll know that Gretchen, Mondo, and Andy are the finale three. I think that Mondo is going to win, but I'm hoping for Andy. I would be happier if either Mondo or Andy win. Watching this show this season has really got me wanting to get back into sewing. Since I've been out of school, I don't really sew much and I've really missed it. Right now though the boyfriend and I are working on setting our place up. Slowly, ha. We don't have much furniture. Ya know though, that's okay. I like the rawness of our place. It's our first home together, err this is our second apartment together but nothings really changed from the first except were in a large place now. I love the nights when the boyfriend and I eat our dinners on the living room floor because we don't have a dining room table. And the lazy days where we watch television and be goofy. These are the moments that I will forever cherish and do not take for granted.

- I was at Walmart today and I saw a girl that was wearing a dress that I have also have. She looked so cute and just simple, but very put together. Her look was a: yellow stretch, 3/4 length sleeve, tight dress with black leggings and knee high brown boots, complimented with a beige satchel (which I own as well). So I tried to recreate this look... total FAIL. I don't know why it just didn't look cute on me, haha.

- Oooh, Project Runway is getting good!

- What are my plans for tomorrow? Gym time at about 7. Cook steak and egg omelet for the boyfriend in the morning, than sleep till whenever. Cook dinner for the boyfriend while he's working out. Than crave pumpkin with the boyfriend. Than sleep till the boyfriend has to go to work. Busy, busy.

- Going to take a break from blogging so I can work on a homework assignment and watch the three Project Runway designers collections go down the runway. Be back soon....

- Ok, I'm back. I just finished watching each designers collection so here's what I thought.
Gretchen: It was nice, and just okay for me. It wasn't my style, but I think a lot of girls would wearing her collection. She could win though after seeing the others collection.
Andy: As much as I want Andy to win, I just don't think his collection had it. I wasn't really fond of any piece in particular. I guess I was just a little bored. I'm still hoping he'll win though.
Mondo: Not my style, but loved it! Mondo really has that star quality. Again though, I'm not sure I would really wear any of his pieces.
We'll see who wins soon.

- By the way, you can hate on me for saying this but its just my opinion... I think Jessica Simpson looked so much better when she was thinner. Not to mention she was probably healthier too.

- And the winner of Project Runway Season 8 is.... Gretchen. Hmm, this has happened to me with all the contest based shows I've been watching this year (The Next Food Network Star, ANTM, etc.) The person I want to win, never does. Haha. Maybe I'm jinxing them.

Sorry this blog post was soooo random. I'm going to do a 'Now You Know Me' post next.

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