Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now You Know Me...

I know I am a day late for this but its 'better late than never' right? Here's this weeks 'Now You Know Me' questions. If you'd like to play along, just answer these eight easy questions and link your response in the comments so we can get to know each other!

The Questions...

1. Why Did You Start Blogging?
Well there's two reasons. One: I've always been a lover of everything 'girly' like fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc. And two: I've been following a lot of YouTube Beauty Gurus for awhile now and most of them had blogs and I thought this would be a great outlet for me to express my passion for life in general without having to make videos.

2. Why Are You Always Concerned With Losing That 'extra 10 pounds' When Chances Are Your Husband/Boyfriend/Friends Tell You That You Look Just Fine The Way You Are?
Well I know that my boyfriend does think I should lose about ten pounds, but its only because I want to lose about ten pounds to be fitter. There's no specific reason, I just want to look better and losing just about ten pounds would be perfect! My boyfriend doesn't tell me to lose any weight, but he's really fit and keeps up with a healthy lifestyle so it only makes sense that I would too.

3. Who's The One Blog Friend That You Would Want To Meet Most In 'Real Life'?
I am following some amazing blogs, it would be such a tough decision, but I do love reading 'and this is what she said'.

4. What's The One Thing You Wish Guys Could Understand About You?
Hmm, that when its that 'time of the month' it really is actually quite a pain in my booty and if I want to lay in my PJ's for three days eating nothing but chocolate, watching Beverly Hills, 90210, being all emotional, just to be understanding of that. Ha.

5. Tattoos. How Many Do You Have And How Many Are Visible When You Wear Your 'Everyday' Clothes?
I have one tattoo on my shoulder blade. I got it on my should blade so I could cover it up if I needed to and be able to show it off when I wanted to too.

6. What Was The Best Year Of Your Life And Why?
I can't say for sure if I've had the best year of my life because who knows, maybe next year will be the best. I can say that thus far, the best year that I've had was last year. There were a lot of big changes that happened and I couldn't of been happier.

7. Name Three Places You Want To Travel.
In the USA: Boston, Portland, and Manhattan. Outside the USA: China, St. Tropez, and Greece.

8. What's Your Alcoholic Drink Of Choice That Usually Raises A Few Eyebrows?
Jack and Coke.

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