Monday, September 13, 2010

Change Is A Comin'

Okay, okay I know. I have pretty much neglected my blog and have just been doing pretty easy and boring post. I'm sorry, I got lazy.. no excuses. I went on vacay and than started school, but I'm back on track and have new blog posts planned. Full steam ahead!! So here's a rundown of what to expect...

EVERY MONDAY: 'Now You Know Me' Posts... This use to be 'Getting To Know You' posts but MannLand5 has decided to discontinue them so I will be starting a new thing called 'Now You Know Me' same concept, but a different name. *full credit for 'Getting To Know You' still goes to MannLand5*

EVERY WEDNESDAY: 'Wordless Wednesdays' will still continue. If your new, every Wednesday I will post a series of photos of what I'm feeling instead of writing.

EVERY SUNDAY: 'I'm Obsessed With'...  This use to be 'I'm In Love With' but I got bored with that and wanted to post what I'm obsessed over at the moment, so I'll post whatever I am in love/obsessed with every Sunday.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays will be random post, no post at all, or whatever I feel. If I feel like posting I will, if I don't.. whatever.

So again, I'm soo sorry for being M.I.A., but I'm back on track. Stay tuned for 'Now You Know Me'.

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