Saturday, August 14, 2010


1. What Color Is Your Hair? dark brown.

2. Drama? my life is usually drama-free.

3. Are You A Girly Girl? not really, but i'm not a tomboy. i guess you could call me a low-maintenance girly girl.

4. Who Was The Last Person You Hugged? my boyfriend<3

5. Small Or Large Purses? large. i am not a fan of small purses, i think it looks little girlish.

6. Are You Short? yes, 5'3".

7. Do You Like Somebody? i love my boyfriend. i like some friends, but i usually dislike more than i like, ha.

8. What Would You Do If Someone Smacked Your Butt? depends on the who it was. boyfriend, wouldn't really care. stranger, thats creepy.

9. Do You Care If Your Socks Are Dirty? not really, i guess, but i wouldn't wear dirty socks.

10. Do You Dress Up On Halloween? no.

11. Are You Double Jointed? no, but i do have flexible thumbs.

12. Where Is The Weirdest Place You Have Slept? hmm, can't really think of anywhere unusual.

13. Has Anyone Touched/Smacked Your Butt In The Past 24 Hours? my boyfriend.

14. No Question..? hmm

15. Do You Call Anybody By Their Last Name? yes, mostly all of my boyfriends friends.


'X' Marks The Spot...

[] i do wear make up.
[X] i have cried at a movie theater.
[X] i can put mascara on without opening my mouth.
[X] i get jealous.
[] i think johnny depp is sexy.
[X] i love to laugh.
[] i like death metal.
[X] i like rap.
[X] i like country.
[X] i carry a purse.
[X] i'd be lost without my computer.
[] i own a spice girls cd.
[] i own a britney spears cs.
[] i own a boy band cd.
[] i get bored watching football.
[] i've never been called a spoiled brat.
[] guys are confusing
[] i have been called a bag influence.
[] i have/had a piercing other than my ears.

17. What Color Is Your Bra That Your Wearing? not wearing one.

18. Do You Prefer Light Or Dark Haired Guys? depends, but usually dark.

19. Are You Currently Frustrated With A Boy? yes.

20. Do You Have A Best Friend? kind of.

21. Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken? yes.

22. What Size Shoe Do You Wear? 6 to a 6 1/2.

23. Do You Like Your Life? so far so good. i'm very blessed and thankful for everyone and everything in my life.

24. Has One Of Your Friends Ever Stolen A Boyfriend From You? no.

25. Have You Ever Jumped In The Pool With Your clothes On? not on purpose.

26. Do You Have More Friends That Are Girls Or Boys? more boys, girls equals too much drama.

27. Do You Wear Extensions? no.

28. Have You Ever Slapped A Boy In The Face? yes, 6th grade. he broke up with me, haha.

29. What Are Your Biggest Fears? losing a loved one.

30. Have You Cried Yourself To Sleep? pretty much.

31. Have You Ever Not Been Able To Get Someone Off Of Your Mind? yes.

32. Do You Believe In The Saying 'Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater'? there's always an exception, so no.

33. Have You Ever Had A Good Feeling About Something? absolutely.

34. Do You Ever With You Were Famous? not really.

35. Are You Currently Missing Someone? yes.


This Guy Or That Guy...

Punk/Goth Or Gangster... neither one sounds appealing, but i guess gangster.

Preppy Or Cowboy... cowboy.

Face Or Body... face, but body is just right behind it.

Sweet Or Sexy... sweet of course because sweetness is sexy.

Armani Or Abercrombie... i love both equally, but i guess abercrombie.

City-Slicker Or Rural Guy... rural guy.

Blue, Green, Grey, Or Brown Eyes... grey, beautiful.

Contacts Or Glasses... neither, i want my guy to have perfect vision.


My Pick...

Eyeliner Or Mascara... mascara.

Louis Vuitton Or Dooney & Bourke... louis vuitton.

Heels Or Flats... heels!

Skirts Or Pants... pants.

Sweatshirts Or Jackets... sweatshirts.

Flip Flops Or Sneakers... flip flops.

Straight Or Curly Hair... both!

Hoop Or Dangling Earrings... dangling earrings.

White Or Black... black.

Victoria's Secret Or Bath & Body Works... victoria's secret.

Diet Or Regular Sodas... regular.

Orange Or Apple Juice... apple juice.

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