Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting To Know You Round Two.

It's time for another Getting To Know You! If you'd like top play along copy these questions and answer them than post your answers or blog post in the comments so we can get to know one another!

1: If You Could Host A Reality TV Show, Which One Would It Be? 
I would want to host some kind of a cooking challenge show like, The Next Food Network Star. Or some kind of designing show like, Project Runway or Design Star. Actually, mid way though writing this answer, I started thinking and... I would probably want to host a show like America's Next Top Model. Haha.

2: Do You Put Your Seatbelt On Before Or After You Start The Car?
I usually put my seatbelt on before I start the car, but I'm trying to get into the habit of putting it on after I've gotten out of the parking lot, for safety reasons. I feel that if anything were to happen to me in the car (kidnapping/thief, etc.) I want to be able to have an easy exit. If I have my seatbelt off while I'm at my weakest than I'll actually be safest. Does that make sense?

3:Shave Or Hair Removal Cream:
Definitely prefer to shave, I like to use men's razors because I think it gives a closer shave.

4: What's Your Favorite Feature In A House?
Large windows to let in natural light!

5: What's Your Favorite 'Fall' Scent?
I love Vanilla!

6: What TV Show Are You Looking Forward To Seeing The Most This Fall?
I can't just pick one... I'm sooo looking forward to Glee and Dexter!

7: Personal Shopper Or Personal Chef?
Hands down, personal chef! I would be eating much healthier!

8: What Is The First Word That Comes To Mind When You Think Of 'Fall'?
Perfect.... Doesn't make much sense because it was followed by weather. Perfect Weather!

All credit goes to MannLand5

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