Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 22: A Website

I wasn't sure how I wanted to approach this topic today; Should I write about my favorite clothing websites? Should I write about my most visited websites? So to make things easier I thought I would write about the last 5 websites I visited in the last hour.

Day 22: A Website

I was blog stalking and saw that Flirty Aprons was doing a giveaway with a blog so I wanted to check out their aprons. They have the cutest aprons ever! There flirty, cute, and so perfect for cooking!

Facebook and People are to websites I visit regularly because I love to get gossip!

Dulce Candy is one of my favorite fashion/beauty gurus. She always has the cutest outfits and I love her personality!

Handbag Heaven is a newer site that I have been visiting. I just recently bought a handbag from them which I love. I also did a product review on the handbag!

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