Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 12: Whatever You'd Like To Talk About...

Today's challenge couldn't be more PERFECT! My plan today was to do whatever Day 12's challenge was and than do another post about an important topic, but today's challenge happens to be whatever I want it to, so now I can do two things in one post! YAY!

Day 12: Whatever You'd Like To Talk About.
Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful is an AMAZING mission to end all negative talk that women do. This includes self-doubting, fat talk, negative image, etc. Their mission is to end all this negativity by posting positive sayings,  quotes, etc. in random areas, in the hopes that it will make some see themselves in a different light. A positive light.

I'm new to this so from today on forth I will be participating in Operation Beautiful because I think this is a great thing for everyone to do. 

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