Monday, June 28, 2010

Diet Time. Consistent Workouts.

Those are two things that I need to work on and make a priority. I'm a personal trainer and while I am in okay shape, I'm far from my goal weight/shape. I did a fitness/figure competition about 2 years ago and I loved the shape I was in than. I'm about 10-15lbs heavier now and just don't feel my best. I not only try to diet and workout to be in shape, but to be healthy as well. Also, I don't like to call it a 'diet' because I being 'in shape' or 'healthy' isn't something you can just stop working at. You have to always be working towards a fitness goal so your always improving your health and body. It's more of a lifestyle than a fad or trend you do for a little while. I'm excited though to get back in shape and start feeling better!

I'll keep you guys updated and in a couple of days I'll post my workout/diet routines!

P.S. As of right now my stats are: 120lbs, no muscle definition

*Also, I usually don't go by what the scale says because the more you workout the more muscle you'll gain and muscle weights more than fat so you might be getting healthier and more in shape and actually gain weight, so yeah.

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