Sunday, June 27, 2010

8 Most Worn Items...

I wanted to do this tag that has been going around on blogger/youtube because I really enjoy seeing what other people's most worn items are so yeah. Enjoy!

1. Most Worn Lipstick/Lipgloss.

I actually don't wear any lipsticks or lipgloss in general. Honestly, I do really wear any
makeup period except for mascara. I do wear chapstick from Burt's Bees like everyday because I like how it moisturizes my lips, but other than that I don't really wear any lip products.

2. Most Worn Earrings.

Well I always wear little diamond studs in my ears, but other than
that my most worn earrings would be Filigree Foliate earrings from Forever 21. I have them both in silver and gold so it just depends on whatever outfit I'm wearing that day. These earrings work with everything from casual outfits to dressy casual to a full blown night out outfit. I LOVE them.

3. Most Worn Shirt.

I don't really have a most worn shirt that is for like outings. Like, I always the Men's Hanes V-Neck White Tee's a lot when I'm lounging around the house. There so comfy and I love them! For like actually getting dressed, I guess I would say that my most worn shirt would be a black racerback tank. It's so simple and goes with everything! I think I got my favorite one from Ross.

4. Most Worn Nail Polish.
I love the nail polish from OPI; Coney Island Cotton Candy. I don't usually change up my nail polish color at all because I love this color! It's natural but not boring and pretty much goes with whatever I'm wearing. It's like a pinkish nude. Love it!

5. Most Worn Shoes.

I'll do this for two types of shoes; dressy and casual shoes. My most worn dressy shoes is the Jessica Simpson Frida wedges in black. These are so comfy and so cute! My most worn casual shoes are these Coach sandals. I forget the name of the actual shoe, but I love these!

6. Most Worn Hair Product.
I have naturally curly hair so I use a lot of different products in my hair daily. I'll do another blog post on my hair routine later. If I had to choose my most worn hair product, it would probably be my Tresemme Ultra Fine Mist hairspray. It gives a great hold, but doesn't leave any white flakes in my hair or make my hair crunchy.

7. Most Worn Perfume.
This was tough for me because I have my all time absolute favorite perfume which is Magnetism by Escada, but right now I've actually been wearing Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla perfume a lot. What I usually do is wear my Escada for night and my B&B for day time.

8. Most Worn Handbag/Purse.

There are two items that I splurge on and love to have a lot different styles and types and that is handbags and shoes. I'm always changing up my handbag to whatever I'm wearing, but my favorite most worn handbag would probably be

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